(1)Prefabricated color steel fence (2)Stainless steel iron horse guardrail

In the process of urban construction, a fence structure is often used, which is called a color steel fence. The construction specifications of the color steel fence should be formulated according to the requirements of the local municipal management department. The height of the ordinary color steel fence is 2 Below meters, the commonly used color steel fence heights are 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters. The surface of the color steel fence can be posted on the city public service advertisement. The advertisement can shape the company's own image and help the project. The role of publicity, but advertising spraying can only be carried out after the approval of the relevant departments. Color steel fences are divided into construction fences, ordinary fences, engineering fences, etc. according to their uses. Color steel fences often appear on construction sites and cover buildings. Obstacles around the construction site, which will reduce the impact on urban residents, because the color steel fence has good safety, so the color steel fence is usually used near the construction project.

1. Wind and dust resistance Generally speaking, there will be a lot of dust on construction sites, so the enclosure can effectively prevent wind and dust. At present, the urbanization process will produce some dust, garbage or waste water and other pollution along with the construction of the project. The high noise pollution and dust also seriously damage the coordination of the project area and the city landscape, making the construction site enclosure shoulder the burden of...
2. Safety warning In the event of some unexpected accidents in construction projects or problems with road conditions, the construction site enclosure facilities can carry out emergency isolation and repair work for the accident site. The alert set point of the It is also necessary to set up safety warning lights according to the actual situation of the assembled enclosure,...
3. Sound absorption and noise reduction For lane isolation enclosures on expressways or highways and the environment with strong noise and exhaust smoke and dust, the prefabricated enclosures are required to make efforts to filter and control noise and maintain road conditions. Quality of life in surrounding living areas and dirty road traffic

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