Different Types of Automatic Packing Machine

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology and society, automation equipment has gradually entered people's vision, and the packing industry has gradually replaced labor with machines. In this case, automatic packing machine appears in people's vision.

Of course, in order to meet the packing requirements of different products, automatic packing machines are also divided into many types, and the functions are also different. The main types of packing machine are: valve port packing machine, open packing machine, air flow packing machine, small dose packing machine, liquid packing machine, granule packing machine and so on. Depending on the packing industry, the degree of automation, and the size of the installation, there are differences.

According to the packing industry, it can be divided into food packing machine, medicine packing machine, hardware accessories packing machine, ricultural product packing machine, chemical product packing machine and so on. According to the degree of automation, it is divided into two categories, one fully automatic and one semi-automatic. The full-automatic price is higher, and no manual operation can be realized. Semi-automatic plastic particle packing machine, simple maintenance, low cost and easy to use. According to the installation size, it can be divided into small packing machine, medium packing machine and large packing machine.

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