UAVs can generally be applied to ten application areas, 1 Agriculture: UAVs monitor disasters and collect real-time data on crop health and yield. 2. Energy: Energy companies use drones to monitor oil pipelines and rigs. 3. Real estate and construction: Take photos and surveys of golf courses, skyscrapers, etc., notify real estate developers, and monitor the progress of the project. 4. Rapid response and emergency services: UAVs use infrared sensors to assist in search and rescue operations from firefighting to rubble or avalanche search. 5. News: UAVs can report breaking news/disasters/war zone situations faster and safer than with humans. 6. Packaging/Supply Delivery: For example, Matternet builds a drone network to deliver food and medical supplies to remote rural areas around the world. 7. Photography/Film: Visual artists use drones to capture beautiful images and camera angles. 8. Research/Conservation: Drones help with everything from counting sea lions in Alaska, to conducting climate and environmental research, and even tracking the movement of herds in the African savannah. 9. Law enforcement: In the event of hostage kidnapping, search and rescue, bomb threats, etc., it will assist law enforcement officers to track criminals and monitor cross-border drug smuggling. 10. Entertainment/Toys.

V filter has two functions , one is to obsorbed UV ray and weaken blue tone in images caused by UV, ensuring the clarity and color. Another is to protect the lens away from dusty and scratches.The CPL (Circular Polarized Lens) filter works to prevent unwanted reflections from naturally reflective surfaces outdoors, such as windows, water bodies and snow, to impair the picture quality. The hybrid filters –。The ND32 filter is ideally suited for very bright and sunny daylight conditions.The filter cuts light falling on the sensor by 5 f-stops which is immensely helpful to remove the ‘Jello’ effect seen due to the camera srolling shutter and give a natural blur motion to the footage.

Huake Technology – is a professional photography filter manufacturer, including filters for DJI drones, action cameras, cameras and cameras. The introduced filter is small in size and light in weight, which is more convenient to carry when going out for shooting, and can be applied to different scenes. Make our life better. The company was established in 2015. We have a design team to meet customer requirements. From design to sale to control by us.


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