FRE as the core engine of defi, started the first batch of private placement on June 8


FRE as a token on the chain that is more suitable for the public to use as a defi engine,  can be produced by mobile aggregate mining on various platforms without private key in the future, realizing the throughput of 3000 + transactions per second, and compressing the transaction confirmation time within 30 seconds, which is 428 times of bitcoin performance of the existing public chain and 75 times of Ethereum performance.

FRE will create a new decentralized transaction ecology, which will be used for pledge, settlement, loan, insurance, commission, handling charge and management fee dividends. Users can pledge fre for community voting and initiate any transaction pair.

FRE based on etalum smart contract,  will issue 90 million tokens, 4.5 million tokens, 1.9 million tokens in the first batch and 2.6 million tokens in the second batch. In the first stage, the dividend period of private placement is two months to promote the competition of computing power. The private placement has no promotion computing power, and only has the strategy of holding money to mine. The output is reduced by 1 / 4 of holding money to mine every half a year.

FRE was founded in the end of 2019, initiated by the US digital economy blockchain foundation, and founded by Los Angeles geek Dave Joseph and Chicago financial upstart Scott Faraday. At present,

Merck digital currency foundation has been attracted to inject capital to participate in the development of the alliance.

Now, on June 7, 2021, 200 + of the world's countries will be launched at the same time, with the first phase of private placement of 1.9 million pieces and the second phase of private placement of 2.6 million pieces!

A rare number of FRE, innovation mechanism is doomed to a new pattern of encryption assets in the future, please look forward to it!

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