Fulvic acid organic liquid fertilizer

Fulvic acid organic liquid fertilizer
Product performance
The advanced complex enzyme engineering fermentation technology is introduced, and the small molecule complex nutrient solution is produced through three deep-seated fermentation, ion-exchange membrane filtration and evaporation concentration by using soybean protein extract, deep-sea fish protein and molasses.
Scope of application
Suitable for arbors, shrubs, flowers, lawns, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.
Product effect
Improve and repair soil: ferment to produce amino acids, fulvic acid, organic matter and other small molecule nutrients, restore the activity and reproductive capacity of indigenous microorganisms, produce rich organic acids, improve soil fertility and improve the rhizosphere ecological environment.
Rooting and root protection: it can induce new rooting, enhance the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and water, and is conducive to the growth of plants. The upper part grows better. Take root, nourish and strengthen roots.
Quality improvement of strong seedlings: after use, the leaves are dark green, photosynthesis is enhanced, and the leaves are thick.
Regulating growth: regulating the nutritional balance in plants and stimulating the disease resistance of plants.
Usage and dosage
Root irrigation: 300-500 times diluted solution for newly planted trees, seedlings, grass flowers and lawns;
200-300 times diluted solution for big trees, mature seedlings and hedgerows;
Spraying: diluted 500-800 times.
Note: 1. The amount of fertilizer used shall be adjusted appropriately according to plant growth and soil fertility.
2. Combined with compound fertilizer irrigation, the fertilizer utilization rate can be improved, and the comprehensive effect is better.

Fulvic acid can form colloidal substances in the soil, increase the water stable aggregates in the soil, loosen the soil and improve the ability of water and fertilizer conservation. Fulvic acid is a weak acid. It can form weak acid salts soluble in water with monovalent cations such as potassium, sodium and ammonium to form a buffer solution, which can maintain the soil pH unchanged to a certain extent. Fulvic acid can increase the content of soil nutrients, reduce the loss of soil nutrients, and promote the absorption of nutrients by crops.

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