Glass cement

Main purpose
Bonding of non structural interfaces of building glass curtain wall and aluminum curtain wall;
Weatherproof sealing of metal, concrete, stone, glass mosaic and other building materials.
Aluminum doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, and aluminum-plastic plates are bonded and sealed.
The products produced by the company are guaranteed to strictly comply with the national quality standards. However, based on the differences in construction conditions (including base materials, construction methods, climate, etc.), users are kindly requested to determine the adaptability of the products independently before use; The company is responsible for the quality of the products properly stored and used within the validity period. If the products do not meet the quality requirements within this range, the customer service can replace the products. In addition, the company does not assume any other direct or indirect responsibilities.

Product characteristics
One component, neutral, room temperature curing high performance silicone weather resistant adhesive.
It is specially designed for weatherproof and waterproof of building curtain wall, and has no corrosion to metal, coated glass, concrete and marble.
After curing, this product has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance, and extreme high and low temperatures of hail will not affect it.
It has excellent tensile and compressive properties, and maintains good elasticity between -50 ℃ ~150 ℃ after curing.
It has good adhesion to most building materials and good compatibility with other neutral silicone adhesives of Hewei.

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