Glazed tile

What should be paid attention to when purchasing glazed tiles
1. Brick surface identification
When shopping, you should check the surface of the ceramic tiles in detail. If it is a high-quality glazed tile, its surface is generally smooth and clean, and the glaze will look more delicate. At the same time, there will be no scratches, color spots, black spots and other phenomena on the surface. In addition, the surface patterns will be more colorful, which can give people a heavy feeling. If the pattern on the surface of the ceramic tile is very complex and the material color difference is very large, it is a low-quality product. It is recommended that you do not buy it.
2. Test water absorption
When purchasing, we should judge whether the water absorption of the glazed tiles is good or not through experiments, and the water absorption will affect the stain resistance of the tiles. First pour some water into the back of the glazed tile, then wait for about 15 minutes, and then check in detail whether the water will quickly penetrate into the tile. If not, it means that the tile has a low water penetration rate and belongs to a high-quality product.

Glazed tile refers to the ceramic tile with polishing process on the glaze of the ceramic tile. The surface of this kind of ceramic tile has a layer of glaze with a thickness of about 0.2mm, and the glaze surface is similar to the pattern and color of antique brick. The surface of glazed tiles is generally smooth, bright and clean, while the surface patterns are generally rich, and the surface colors are thick and colorful. At the same time, the production process is also complex, so the price is generally expensive.There are generally two kinds of glazed tiles in the market, one is called semi glazed tiles, and the other is called full glazed tiles. The surface of the former is uneven, which can show the decorative effect of antique tiles, while the surface of the latter is generally smooth, which can show the decorative effect of glass.

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