Global Horizon for Resources and Insights New Dynamics of “Zhihui Chaoyang” Drives Future Developme

On September 18th, Zhihui Chaoyang G20YEA International Cooperation Conference (“the Conference) has been held at the IN. GEN Center. Young entrepreneurs from the UK, France, Spain, India, and other countries participated in the event, working together to bridge the gaps in economy and culture and to guide the cooperation between Chaoyang District and foreign countries to a new phase.

Organized by the Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun Chaoyang Science Park (Beijing Chaoyang District Bureau of Science & Technology and Information Technology), the Conference has the co-organizers of the Publicity Department of Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of Communist Youth League of China, and the Foreign Affair’s Office of Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Government. The event was undertaken by China Council of G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (abbreviated as: G20YEA) and Chaoyang Technology Group.

With the goal of locating new growth points with strengthened and open-minded economic and trade cooperation, Chaoyang Technology Group (“the Group”) has actively communicated with the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, an impactful organization, both home and abroad, with rich resources and experience in cross-border policy and business cooperation, about the possibilities of attracting innovation enterprises of various countries and of introducing more high-quality resources around the world to Chaoyang District. The Conference witnessed the strategic contract-signing between these two parties, which is expected to make Chaoyang District more open and international in terms of services industry and business development.

Four quality technology companies, respectively from China, Spain, Singapore, and France, introduced themselves in the Conference in the form of roadshows and presentations. They have exchanged ideas on education, infrastructure, new energy, and transportation services, to share the novel opportunities in global services and trade industry.

Chaoyang District has been playing a vital role in Beijing’s opening-up and foreign exchange activities. With rich resources from around the globe, the open-minded concept, and the top business environment, the district focuses on the establishment of International Center for Science & Technology Innovation. By integrating the Five Key Initiatives with the latest development trend and upholding the dual emphasis on “technology+business”, the district has been facilitating technological and innovative development through the unique advantages in five aspects: living, work, business, study, and travel. Chaoyang Technology Group, as a platform, provides technological services for the full value chain and is dedicated to build the ecosystem where resources can be integrated, to empower technological innovations. The Group owns five currently ongoing professional parks: Wangjing Science and Technology Park, Wangjing International R&D Park, Wangjing Digital Creative Park, Wangjing Life Sience Park, and Wangjing Future Information Park. Equipped with top-notch infrastructure for offices, these parks have attracted many top enterprises from both China and abroad, making the business in Chaoyang District more international and diversified.

The Zhihui Chaoyang G20YEA International Cooperation Conference shows to the world the latest achievements of Chaoyang District’s opening-up policies, and in the meantime enhances the international exchanges and cooperation. In the future, Chaoyang District will be more provide more open, inclusive, and dynamic environment for investments, trades, start-ups and entrepreneurs, and will offer efficient and convenient services at the government level, so that more high-tech enterprises can choose to settle here. Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship, this district is suitable for both life and business. We look forward to close mutual cooperation, greater achievements and a brighter future.

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