Honey Badger A new hybrid DeFi ecosystem combining deflation and mining

DeFi comes from Decentrapzed Finance in English and "Decentralized Finance" in Chinese. In a broad sense, DeFi refers to blockchain-based finance. It does not rely on traditional financial institutions, such as brokers, exchanges, or banks, but instead conducts financial activities based on smart contracts on the blockchain.

The narrow understanding of DeFi is liquid mining (also known as DeFi yield farming, or DeFi mining) in the decentralized market. Blockchain’s “smart contract” lock-up digital currency is provided to the market as liquidity to enable lending and trading to others, and at the same time as a return for providing liquidity, the depositor (ie liquidity provider pquidity Provider, abbreviated as LP) You will get benefits such as interest or handling fees.


The Honey Badger project is a multi-ecological project that integrates centralized DeFi, RFI ecology, extreme deflation, liquidity mining, currency dividends, equity, and community alliances.


About Honey Badger

Honey Badger is the gold standard for all RFI static income tokens. Stand out from many tokens — regarded as the best, safest and most effective token. These are not reckless or wanton remarks. Because we will explain in this first article exactly why Honey Badger is different from any other RFI token project that has surged recently, and the motivation for creating this unique token. Because the Honey Badger team has a deep understanding of the current ecological security of the entire RFI mechanism market and environment, and the existence of related vulnerabilities in the security of each user, etc., in order to maintain a good ecological environment, Honey Badger must stand up and deal with various ecological problems. The loss of user assets caused by behaviors and irresponsible behaviors. To make technological breakthroughs and technical optimizations, Honey Badger flathead must rely on strong strength and shoulder the heavy responsibility to combat various bad behaviors and phenomena in the ecology, and maintain the purity and protection of the ecology. Ecological security.


Honey Badger Protocol-HBC protocol

Honey Badger (HBC) uses the above static profit sharing mechanism in the agreement, and also includes the automatic inclusion of liquidity provider mechanism, in which a certain percentage of taxes and fees will be used to provide additional liquidity for HBC's trading liquidity pool.

HBC is a deflationary coin that aims to become scarcer over time, and aims to become scarcer over time. All holders of HBC will earn more HBC, and users only need to Put HBC in your wallet, as all holders charge a certain percentage of handling fee from every transaction that takes place on the HBC network, the handling fee (HBC) will be automatically transferred to your wallet, thereby gaining more More HBC increases the passive income of holders.


Honey Badger technical advantages

High performance: Relying on the massive concurrency experience of Honey Badger payment, transactions support second-level confirmation; provide massive data storage, with 10,000-level processing capacity per second;

High security: Provide a wealth of authority policies, a secure key management system, and user privacy and confidentiality schemes to ensure data security. High-speed access: Rich application development framework and flexible deployment methods are convenient for different types of users to quickly access and build applications;

Efficient operation: Provide a comprehensive, real-time, and visualized operation and maintenance management system, quickly identify system status, and meet multiple levels of operation and management requirements.

Exchange whitelist

In the early stage, Honey Badger jointly announced with many communities around the world that 50% of the revenue of community operators will be used for community construction, media promotion, technical maintenance, and exchange launches.

Apply for Mxc and reach> 25,000 at the holder’s address

Apply for CoinW and reach> 50,000 at the holder’s address

Apply for ZB and reach> 75,000 at the holder’s address

The number of Gate holders on the application reaches> 100,000

Apply for Okex and reach> 150,000 at the holder’s address

Apply for Huobi and reach> 200,000 at the holder’s address

Apply to Binance and reach> 300,000 in the holder’s address


Honey Badger is the most brave and fearless animal in nature. The Honey Badger team used the image and fearless spirit of the Honey Badger to create the HBC (Honey Badger Coin) designed to defend against whales. Reducing credit risks and reducing credit costs can allow high-quality assets to circulate safely and expand the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology. Not only can it achieve information sharing, but it can also identify each link on and off the chain and write key information, thereby improving the security of the entire financial link and providing transparency and fairness for the community.

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