How to judge the quality of Solar led street light by lighting time?

When choosing to buy a Solar led street light, in addition to considering how big the light source is and how high the pole is, an important factor also needs to be considered, that is the lighting time. Generally speaking, the lighting time of Solar led street light is mainly affected. Influence of the following factors.

First look at the local climate conditions and sunshine time. The length of time the solar led street light is lit is generally related to the sunshine time and intensity of the area where it is used. This directly affects the amount of energy absorbed by the solar panel. The more energy the panel absorbs, the more power the battery panel converts, so that enough lighting time can be guaranteed. Generally speaking, the accumulation time of sunshine in the north, that is, the accumulation time of sunshine in a year, is longer, and there are more precipitation and cloudy days in the south, so the sunshine time is less, which will directly affect the effect of lighting.

                                        Solar led street light

In addition, there are continuous rainy days in the local area. Solar led street light generally absorbs much less energy during rainy days than sunny days. If the number of continuous rainy days in the local area is longer, it is necessary to choose the Solar powered street light configuration. The calculation is good to ensure that Solar powered street light can light up normally in rainy weather for a long time. This requires choosing a Solar powered street light manufacturer that can withstand rain and rain. At present, most Solar powered street lights guarantee three to five The lights can be turned on on rainy days.

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