International exhibition in Nanning|TATA Foreign Recruitment Project

The China-ASEAN EXPO in Nanning is a national-level and international trade and commercial festival jointly held by MOFCOM, trade and commercial departments of government of the 10 ASEAN Countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. During the 4-day exhibition, TATA, together with other famous enterprises both at home and abroad, will feed you with a visual feast.


The International EXPO in Nanning gave a debut to TATA, which was also a sign that TATA was officially expanding oversea. In fact, TATA’s resolution and determination of entering foreign market were not something new.

In 2007, TATA had cooperated with well-known automobile company  Mercedes-benz in Germany; then, TATA turned to seek strategic cooperation with Day&Night, a company in New Delhi of India, wooden door supplier for public rental housing of  Malaysia Labor Union, and engaged in projects such as Iraq foreign proxy. With its quality products and service, TATA has won extensive reputation throughout the world. In addition, TATA became the officially-designated sponsor for World Table Tennis Championships, through which TATA had accumulated potential and strength to embrace the world.

Over the past 21 years, TATA has always dedicated to wooden door, and became the top of the industry through perseverance and painstaking effort. In this way, we keeps forging ahead with a learner’s attitude, proactive engagement and the spirit of exploration in the expanding toward foreign market..

Entrepreneurship differs from toy ship,that is why you need us

It’s an ubiquitous belief that we shall choose the big brand of promised quality as entrepreneurship is not a playing.  China has an old saying “Smart bird choose the good tree to stay”. A big brand promises not only the quality of its products, but also a stronger risk resistance capability when issues occur. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as known as “Black Swan”, TATA swiftly worked out counter measurement to pass through difficulty with self-adjustment.

The year 2020 is the one that sweeps away many unqualified companies in the market, and also the one that brings about  opportunities for people and enterprises who dare to innovate and do practice. Are you the one who wished to do something great but still waiting and observing? If you choose to enter the building material industry, you must choose a big brand either. And what is a big brand? A big brand means to dare to undertake responsibility, treat everyone with love, keep innovating and try hard...why shall you choose a big brand?

1,TATA wooden door’s trading volume during Double Eleven Shopping Carnival has reached 1.023 billion yuan, a historically-high record for TATA.

2,A big brand has other advantages such as quality product, after-sale service and strong supply chain.

TATA was founded in 1999. Up till now, there are 6 major production bases in Jilin, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui, ensuring a strong supply chain for our customers.With its simple yet fashionable design and considerate service, TATA has won the honor of “China’s Top Ten Wooden Door Brands”, “China’s Top 100 Home Furnishing Industry Brands”, “China’s Home Furnishing Industry Leading Brands”.

On April 20, 2019, TATA was granted as “Famous Trademark” by Harbin Municipality.

TATA Foreign Recruitment Initiative

We launched the TATA Foreign Recruitment Initiative in 2020.  TATA now recruits employees both from China and abroad. We welcome foreign proxy company and individual, foreign purchasing agent and domestic trade and commercial partner, and project contractor and decoration company. We provide multi-dimentional supporting policies, helping solve any problems that may occur and making business management more simple. As long as you are longing for a better future with TATA, we will offer you systematic training and one-to-one professional guidance.


TATA has always stuck to the principal of “satisfying the closes so as to attract people from afar”, as we believe that more people will come only when each partner grows better. The beginning of 2020 persuades us that a big brand is both a reliable partner and a guarantee to the future. When an unintentional “Black Swan” arrived, throwing you into anxiety and frustration, when uncertainty sticks to you, may be you will find out the truth that only a good job, or a reliable company can give you the panacea for anxiety, slack and fear of unknown.

We wish more people with the same aspiration can join us. With the spirit of dedication, profession and perseverance, we will make better doors, and serve more people.

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