Large Scale Simulated Aviation Model

It is mainly used for military museums, summer camp experience camps, theme parks, and film and television props with military themes. The model can be moved, launched or placed statically. Models can be made from 1 meter to 1:1. Its products are widely used in commercial exhibitions, activity sites, real estate opening, opening ceremonies, garden landscapes, etc., and are also suitable for hotel restaurants, creative homes, bars and clubs, and personalized collections. The product has brought unexpected advertising effects to businesses with its high popularity. In the future, we will adhere to the path of environmental protection and innovation, and continue to design and build better products for our customers.

In the cognition of Chinese military enthusiasts, the value of aerospace models is particularly important. As a kind of art, domestic professional Aerospace models can not only be used as home decoration, but also bring extraordinary experience to military enthusiasts. It is understood that it is understandable to study the process and manufacturing technology of China's aerospace models. The value of this high-quality aerospace model is not limited to the ornamental value. The following editor will analyze the value of aerospace models for us?

1. The ornamental value of the shape;

Many consumers choose to buy Aerospace models. The most important thing is to regard them as handicrafts. The best-selling models reflect the military space characteristics and cultural characteristics of the process. The military aerospace models live in our country. The military aerospace models use high-quality precision die-casting materials to simulate the narrow models of China's military equipment to achieve decorative effects to a greater extent, The military aerospace model can let people accurately appreciate the unique military culture through the micro perspective;

2. Cultural heritage value;

The effect contained in the project is not only beautiful, but also a kind of cultural heritage. Through the analysis of China's domestic professional military aerospace model, we can find that the military model is an important carrier of military culture and an important epitome and testimony of the development of military equipment. From the military model, we can experience the changes of China's military culture and experience the magnificent heroic spirit. Therefore, the military aerospace model inherits China's strong national pride and self-confidence, It can better let our children and consumer groups establish a better sense of honor;

Jinan Quanyi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., located in Jinan, Quancheng, is a high-tech enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in the development, design, production, sales and rental of steel carving art products of mechanical parts. At present, the main products produced are military models, transformers models, robot models, iron models, animation series, science fiction series, furniture series, exhibition series and other super large steel sculptures. The company has a professional technical team and R & D team, and the iron robot models designed and built range from 0.8 meters to 20 meters

Main products: artillery, firearms, mines, tanks, armored personnel carriers, military vehicles, missiles and missile launchers, Long March rockets, various types of fighter aircraft, airliners, aircraft, geosynchronous satellites, landers, space stations, airships and other Aerospace series in various periods; Navigation series: aircraft carriers, submarines, various battleships, supply ships, civil cargo ships, cruise ships, sightseeing boats, etc; Train series: high-speed rail, green train, retro steam train, etc; Garden artworks include: stainless steel pneumatic series, transformers series, animal modeling series and related artworks.


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