Large speaker

Dla206 linear array speaker, unit configuration: ≥ 2 6 "high efficiency mid bass units, ≥ 1 1" throat 44 core tweeter driver.
"Dla115b is a single 15" "linear ultra-low sound box, which adopts a 15" "100 core bass unit and a direct inverted phase box structure design. The suspension system is made of aluminum alloy, which can be hung, supported and stacked together with dla206 to improve the low-frequency performance of the system. The box is made of multi-layer composite plywood and coated with wear-resistant polyurea.
Scope of application: multi-function hall, conference room, lecture hall, senior club, small and medium-sized mobile performance“
"A 12 inch coaxial dichotomous full range stage monitoring speaker adopts a 12 inch high-efficiency bass unit and a 1-inch throat 44 core strong magnetic driver, equipped with a specially designed 100 ° × 110 ° horn. The box body is made of multi-layer composite plywood and polyurea spraying
2. Scope of application:
Multi function hall, senior hotel club
Mobile commercial performance, band sound reinforcement and stage return speakers“

Sound system refers to the use of microphone to convert the acoustic signal of the original sound field sound into electrical signal, and then process the electrical signal through some electronic equipment according to certain requirements, and finally use the loudspeaker to convert the electrical signal into acoustic signal for playback. This whole composition from microphone to loudspeaker is the sound system. The microphone and loudspeaker are called transducers. Although the electrical signals in the sound system are different from the acoustic signals of sound waves in terms of energy form and dimension, as signals, the information between them is consistent in nature, that is, their amplitudes have a corresponding relationship of relative magnitude, and their frequencies are also corresponding. Therefore, the electrical signals in the sound system are in the sound frequency range of 20hz~20000hz in frequency, which is called audio signals. Audio signal, which is an important feature of audio system.

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