Leadership in slice technology! The application demonstration of the industry's first 5G terminal slicing target solution has been completed in Guangzhou

From November 19 to 21, 2020, during the China Mobile Global Partner Conference held in Guangzhou, UNISOC, together with industrial chain partners such as China Mobile and ZTE, jointly completed the application demonstration of the world's first 5G terminal slicing target solution, which indicates that 5G terminal has been equipped with the slicing capability and can provide personalized and customized services for 5G users.

Relying on 5G SA independent networking deployed by China Mobile and ZTE 5G system equipment, the demonstration has successfully displayed the 5G terminal slicing target solution on the terminal based on UNISOC 5G chips.

The 5G terminal slicing target solution equips 5G terminals with slicing enhanced service capability based on APP ID, FQDN, IP triplet, customized DNN and other business granularity, which means that slice can not only provide differentiated services based on different businesses, but also effectively isolate the same type of traffic, and even provide differentiated personalized services for different users based on the same type of business, supporting new business models, such as cloud games, live video broadcast, HD video playback, etc.

The slice target solution adopts the architecture design - Modem-Centric to realize the matching process of business feature attribute and network slice in the modem, which makes the subsequent ability expansion flexible and efficient, and the business attribute perception sensitive, and provides users with diverse, flexible and evolvable high-quality slice service.

The demonstration makes use of online speed-detection business scenarios, directly showing the comparison of business experience between the slice-free network access and sliced-secure network access. The excellent performance of slicing technology in guaranteeing 5G typical services is comprehensively demonstrated from the perspectives of downlink peak rate, packet loss rate and delay, etc., and the target solution of 5G terminal slicing and modem centralization solution are both fully realized. The demonstration result has shown that even when overburdened cell blocks are built in the demonstration scenario, 5G slice users can still enjoy a service experience with a smooth download rate, extremely low packet loss rate and ultra-low delay.

Network slicing is the core technology of the 5G-enabling vertical industry, as well as an effective means to create new types of business and innovative business models, and improve the value of the network. As a leading chip-design enterprise in China, UNISOC has jointly completed the end-to-end 5G network slicing application and modem centralization solution demonstration with the partners, which has effectively promoted the industrialization of slicing technology, and will strongly promote the digital transformation of the 5G enabling all kinds of industries and drive the vigorous development of related industries and markets.

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