Lightweight retro men's and women's trolley case universal wheels

A suitcase is a box that is used to hold items and things while traveling or on vacation. It is mainly used to store clothes, daily necessities and souvenirs needed for travel or business trips. It greatly facilitates people's long-distance travel, especially by train and plane. At the same time, it has the functions of storage and convenient transportation. Early suitcases were made of wood or other heavier materials. With the popularity of air travel, luggage materials tend to be lighter, hard plastic or cloth. Suitcases are usually equipped with drawbars, side handles, zippers and wheels at the bottom. Tie rods are usually retractable. The drawbar is designed according to ergonomic principles. Most models also have small wheels built in, which can be pulled easily with a lever. In recent years, luggage with four small wheels has also appeared. In addition to 360-degree rotation, they can be pushed easily on flat ground. In addition, luggage can also be divided into hard-shell luggage and soft-shell luggage according to the outer shell. Hard shell luggage is more drop-resistant and is suitable for luggage that needs more protection. Soft-shell luggage is generally lighter and more resilient than hard-shell luggage. But the zipper position of a softshell suitcase is more prone to bursting with too many items inside. The external material of the box is PP, PE, ABS, EVA, etc. According to the size, the suitcases can be divided into 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, 30 inches and 32 inches. 20 inches and below can be brought on the plane. Large-capacity suitcases larger than 20 inches must be checked in. It can be seen that everyone's trolley case is different in size, so when choosing a trolley case, not only the appearance, but also its capacity must be considered. There are many types of suitcases on the market, and there are many differences in price and material.

This luggage is light and easy to carry. This Min Liang suitcase can be brought on the plane and can accommodate one or two people for a three-day excursion. Can be used for business trips, vacations, excursions and weekend getaways. It can hold a shirt, pants, jacket, a pair of shoes, a travel toiletry bag, a notebook or a tablet. This suitcase takes up little space and is easy to carry. This suitcase has an ABS+PC hard plastic shell. It comes in different stylish colors: red, gold, silver, dark green, mosaic. It is suitable for people of different ages. The design style and color are calm and dynamic. This suitcase is equipped with a retractable pull rod, suitable for people of different heights. Sturdy telescopic handle for comfortable operation; short handle for safe installation. Using aviation aluminum alloy material, the compressive strength is increased several times, and it is smooth and easy to pull. The scratch-resistant surface of the metal honeycomb structure provides superior stability and impact resistance. Thick aluminum-magnesium alloy corners prevent deformation and are durable. The lining material is polyester. Internal mesh zip pockets and elastic square full-capacity design keep luggage neat and tidy while traveling or in transit. A well-appointed interior with generous packing space, mesh pockets and built-in tote helps better organize essentials and keep things organized in transit.

ML is a brand that focuses on producing high-quality luggage, providing a better quality of life for "walkers". There are mainly 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches luggage. We always insist on quality, with ergonomic handlebars, smooth multi-level levers, 360° airplane wheels, scratch-resistant ABS feet. Let customers worry-free on the journey, we know that details determine success or failure. We choose materials to ensure quality. Based on the enterprise spirit of unity, hard work, pioneering and innovation, the company will wholeheartedly welcome customers, letters and calls to negotiate business with stable product quality and excellent after-sales service.


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