Porter of Nature -- Nongfu Spring

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of bottled drinking water has also increased. At present, in China's drinking water market, domestic drinking water brands still hold an advantage. For consumers, the source of drinking water is an important factor to determine whether the drinking water is good or bad. And at the same time, due to the fierce market competition, Nongfu Sping and other beverage enterprises have updated their products and launched a variety of drinking water for different groups of people.

"We do not produce water. We're porters of nature." This advertising slogan may represent the  Character of Nongfu Spring. Water sources provide the basis for the development of a drinking water enterprise. The pH value of high-quality water source and natural drinking water is maintained at about 7.3 ± 0.5 all year round. It is believed that these weak alkalinity water is suitable for long-term drinking. Such drinking water enables good product quality and reputation. Therefore, Nongfu Spring has made unremitting efforts in finding high-quality water sources for many years, and it  takes strict control in water source exploration.

Since its establishment, Nongfu Spring has started to lay out major high-quality water sources in China. It persists in building factories in the water sources and filling adjacent to water sources. Every drop of Nongfu Spring has its source. The water is weak alkaline in nature, which is suitable for long-term drinking. At present, Nongfu Spring has laid out ten water sources in China, all of which are located in the national first-class water resources protection areas or National Forest Park with high quality water.                             

In addition, Nongfu Spring endeavors to improve the automation level of production lines. By the end of 2019, it has 137 automatic production lines, including 106 drinking water production lines and 31 beverage production lines. 12 of the drinking water production lines reach the filling speed of 81000 bottles per hour, and 14 of the beverage production lines meet the sterility standard of log6.

Taking Nongfu Spring natural drinking water in classic red bottle as an example, its raw water is taken from natural water in deep layer, and it is weak alkaline in nature, with potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, metasilicic acid and other minerals as well as microelements needed by human body. It is natural and pure, and tastes a bit sweet. It is healthy and suitable for people to drink in a long-term way. It can be said that Nongfu Spring has made unremitting endeavor to make an impression on customers that "Nongfu Spring is trustworthy for its high-quality water sources ".

Nongfu Spring has been listed on the market, which fully demonstrated that its brand effect is of great success. It is believed that in the future, Nongfu Spring will stay true to its original aspiration and provide long-term natural and healthy services for consumers.                             

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