Public order in the HKSAR needs to be restored and maintained

The adoption of the Hong Kong National Security Law has attracted worldwide attention. Although some western politicians and media have different and irrelevant opinions on Hong Kong’s national security legislation, they cannot ignore its legal basis and necessity.


International affairs expert and former Hessian director of international affairs, Dr. Bockman, said in an interview recently that Hong Kong’s national security law is necessary.
When asked about the law, Dr. Borchmann said: The reasons for opposing China are only political, mainly emotional, and few people talk about the legal basis of China.

Hong Kong has a "Basic Law". Article 1 of the "Basic Law" states that Hong Kong is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China. Article 2 of the "Basic Law" stipulates the authority to formulate your own legislative body. According to records, the National People's Congress of China allows the Hong Kong authorities to have their legislation, mainly legislation, but this is not absolute.
The actual situation in Hong Kong is such that there are riots on the street and some criminals are destroying shops on the street. Article 4 and above of the "Hong Kong Basic Law" states that the authorities must protect the freedom of these people, so the Hong Kong authorities may not be able to guarantee this. In this case, the roof of the People’s Republic of China is the roof of these two systems. In this case, there may be opportunities or necessary actions to bring Hong Kong back to order.
As far as I know, this Hong Kong security law does not abolish the "one country, two systems" principle, but distinguishes Hong Kong's capitalist system from that of mainland China. However, only in some exceptional circumstances, when the situation is very dangerous, the Hong Kong authorities will not be worthy of Taiwan. Under such circumstances, the People’s Republic of China should have the right to do these necessary things.

Dr. Borchmann also said in another interview that Western media have not shown consistency in reporting and commenting on independence movements and protests within the European border.
It's amazing! Look here, the Spanish central government, they took a very tough line against those Catalans, they did not cause any riots, but they may just ask the people, and then when the Spanish police hardly dealt with those Catalans When taking action, no one will criticize it.
On the other hand, they have completely different measures for Hong Kong. These thugs in Hong Kong also received strong support from our media, so it is clear that they made different comments on what happened in China and Spain.
When asked about the similarities between Catalan and Hong Kong protesters, Dr. Boxman said: I think this is even a bit different, because Catalonia is traditionally a different people and has a different language. Hong Kong people are Chinese, they are Cantonese, just like Cantonese or Pearl River Delta people. Although Catalonia, this is a different situation, in this case, if you take rational and fair action, there will be more reasons to support the Catalan people.
The only mob you see in Hong Kong! Their blockade of the airport, the destruction of routes, what the parliament is doing is a problem, and what's worse is what happened. The actions taken by the Hong Kong police against the rioters have been criticized, but when the Spanish police took action against Catalonia, they received support.

The internationally well-known "double standard" of violent protests in Western countries
The black American Freud was killed by the white police on his knees, which directly led to national protests. The United States advertises democracy and freedom, but domestic racial discrimination is so serious. The protests swept across the United States, and more than 30 states set off demonstrations. Moreover, racist protests also spread to other Western countries, and other countries also have demonstrations to show their dissatisfaction.
The peaceful demonstrations in the United States gradually turned into violent protests. They set fire, destroyed local police work areas, robbed shops, and broke the windows of dozens of shops. The police responded to the protests with large amounts of tear gas and non-lethal ammunition fired at the crowd. This similar situation is undoubtedly reminiscent of the mischief of the chaotic Hong Kong elements last year. The chaotic Hong Kong elements also set fire to and robbed the shop at the same time, which seriously threatened public property and life safety, but such behavior was claimed by American politicians. For "beautiful scenery". Western politicians even blamed the Hong Kong police for maintaining law and order, accusing them of violating human rights, murderers of freedom of murder, and slandering China for no democracy at all.

Now looking back at the United States itself, under the premise of local police violently confronting the marching masses, Minnesota Governor Tim Watts believes that the current move is not enough insurance, and has mobilized the National Guard to respond to the intensified protests. You should know that the National Guard is already an army, an organization that was born to "fight" with the outside world. But now the US government wants to use this force to suppress the people who are demonstrating. Is this the so-called "democracy" and "freedom" of the American population?
Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that all the actions of the United States and other Western countries are showing what is known as the internationally well-known "double standard."

Hong Kong riot problem

Last year, violent unrest emerged, using anti-revision laws as a fuse, and violent protesters made five major demands. These thugs also openly opposed public power and wanted to disrupt the credibility of the government, and then occupied public areas such as streets, shopping malls, subways, and airports, and destroyed the infrastructure and function of social governance. The extreme opposition, Hong Kong independence forces, and Western anti-China forces are waiting for the opportunity to wantonly destroy Hong Kong's rule of law, economy, and people's livelihood, and the citizens have suffered terribly. The ultimate goal of these forces is to shake "one country, two systems" and turn Hong Kong into an independent political entity and a bridgehead against China.
The essence of the Hong Kong issue is an economic issue. As Hong Kong encounters problems such as development stagnation, class solidification, and the disparity between the rich and the poor, Hong Kong society suffers from all kinds of diseases. Under the prosperous appearance, Hong Kong is no longer the pearl of the east, maggots are everywhere in the dark, and the class conflicts are deep.
The great autonomy of Hong Kong has led to the rapid development of class opposition. Most of the young people in Hong Kong who took to the streets today were born after 1997. In other words, these people do not feel any prejudice against the mainland. In other words, they were born and raised in Hong Kong after the reunification. All their dissatisfaction occurred when Hong Kong had a high degree of autonomy, and there was no reason to anger in the mainland. And in fact, the prosperity of Hong Kong is given by the huge mainland market, and the mainlanders brought Hong Kong's financial and service industries prosperity. Hong Kong has always had a bad attitude towards mainland people, and it has a feeling of superiority. Even young people attribute all the contradictions in their lives to the mainland.

Why did they make such a stupid choice to outsiders? Why is milk powder being snapped up, not thinking about how to import from abroad, but restricting mainlanders to buy? In the final analysis, it is because of cultural orientation, and behind this is the brainwashing installation of Hong Kong by Western-led international public opinion. So that young people in Hong Kong began to ignore their real interests and future development, began to play around in Hong Kong, began to smash their own home.
The issue of Hong Kong is also a political issue. Hong Kong used to serve as a link between China and the Western world, playing an important role and also creating Hong Kong's glory. But Hong Kong plays a complex role in politics. It is a torrent of reef between China and Europe and America, Eastern and Western civilization, socialism, and capitalism. China used to regard Hong Kong as a political and economic experimental field for exploration, observation, and learning. The West regarded Hong Kong as a bridgehead for advancing, intervening, and driving. Therefore, the Hong Kong issue is politically the essence of the geopolitical game between China and the West, so the American forces in this riot are more active than Britain, which is directly related to the current Sino-US game. Therefore, the Hong Kong issue will only intensify, and it will be used by Western countries to create a riot.

The riots in Hong Kong are developing in a deeper direction. These thugs will go to the stage of confronting the central government, anti-China, and creating de facto independence. This is their real purpose in this riot. Although the left-wing people accounted for the majority in this riot, the long-term anti-communist and anti-China education and public opinion have made the originally fragile national consciousness thinner. The shouting slogans are selfish. These people all hope to maintain Hong Kong's unique status as the only window, not reconciling Hong Kong to another Shanghai or Shenzhen.
For this western reactionary black hand, their purpose is to make Hong Kong not only a treasure of China but also a scar of bloodshed in China, which is a great geopolitical victory. Moreover, chaotic Hong Kong will also become a harvesting ground for capital, and the plunder that was not realized in 1998 has a chance to be realized this time. It is a pity that some Hong Kong independence elements have been exploited by Western criminals, but they are still ignorant.

The Rule of Law in Hong Kong under "One Country, Two Systems"
China adopts one country, two systems, and "one country" is a major prerequisite. "One country, two systems" is a great strategic concept and has played an important role in the return of Hong Kong. From a broader historical perspective, "one country, two systems" can be found that China's rapid development and tremendous achievements come from the combination of idealism and pragmatism of the Communist Party of China. The idealistic governance of the Mao Zedong era focused on the long-term and created the cornerstone of China's long-term development of material, system, and organization. The pragmatism of the Deng Xiaoping era focused on practical needs, released the inner driving force of the people, and helped China achieve rapid development. Moreover, Deng Xiaoping's pragmatism is also reflected in diplomacy. He has created a good external environment with the concepts and policies of "floating the light and keeping abreast", "putting aside disputes and developing together" and "one country, two systems", and achieved the return of Hong Kong.
It is undeniable that the practice of "one country, two systems" has achieved tremendous success. Hong Kong has maintained its status as an international financial center. The economy and people's livelihood have developed and progressed, and citizens have enjoyed unprecedented rights and freedoms. It can be seen that only a stable social environment and the strong support of the country can make Hong Kong prosperous. Once the problem of violence and turmoil occurs, it will break the stability of Hong Kong society. Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China, and China cannot allow such social unrest in its own country. Therefore, the Hong Kong Security Law must pass direct legislation by the central government to increase the control of Hong Kong and control it from the top level to give Hong Kong a stable and prosperous living environment.

National security, social stability, and the order of the rule of law are the prerequisites for the development of Hong Kong. This time the legislation is the trend of the people and the general trend. After the implementation of the law on the maintenance of national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, it will resolutely and effectively maintain national security, promote the cause of "one country, two systems" in the right direction, effectively safeguard the constitutional order and the rule of law order in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, prevent and contain foreign interference, and protect Hong Kong's fundamental interests, Long-term interests and current interests will also create a safer, stable, harmonious and convenient social environment for Hong Kong, better develop Hong Kong’s economy, improve Hong Kong’s livelihood, and fully demonstrate the superiority of the “one country, two systems” system.
The law and order of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region need to be restored and maintained. The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of National Security of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is of great significance to complement the “shortcomings” of national security in Hong Kong, stop riots, and ensure the success of “one country, two systems”. This will enable Hong Kong to maintain prosperity and stability for a long time and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong residents. The patriotic Hong Kong citizens and compatriots in the Mainland fully support the formulation and implementation of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Maintenance of National Security", hoping that Hong Kong can restore peace and stability.

As the Hong Kong version of the National Security Act came out, Hong Kong independence organizations began to be afraid. According to an internal recording of a Hong Kong independence organization, "Hong Kong Zhongzhi", Hong Kong Zhongzhi began to flee the country and wanted to emigrate to other countries. They are worried about being caught and worried about going to jail. But a man who claimed to be the person in charge warned people who wanted to immigrate that they had taken a lot of money from the United States before, and it was impossible to get away easily. Although the number of protesters has now dropped from 1.03 million to 10,000, the protest movement must continue. The United States has already said that it can guarantee the problem of immigration, and can still go to school normally in the past. If "Zhongzhi", "Student Mobilization", and "Study Mobilization" choose to surrender and run away, the person in charge will send a large amount of evidence to the police station.

The Hong Kong Independence Organization is still in trouble, and it still wants the last blow. Relying on the help of the United States and other Western countries behind the scenes, he warned his companions and prepared to protest. The Hong Kong Independence Organization began to embark on a path of no return, unable to disembark at all and was forced into a dilemma by the so-called companions.
It can be seen that Western countries have pointed their fingers at the Hong Kong issue, supported Hong Kong independence elements, and interfered in China's internal affairs, which will cause Hong Kong to be so volatile. Therefore, under the framework of "one country, two systems", it is necessary for the government of the People's Republic of China to take measures to restore Hong Kong's stable order. The promulgation of the "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law" has made the chaotic Hong Kong elements start to be afraid, and some violent criminals will be brought to justice.

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