Three forms of turning cnc lathe spindle

Turning cnc lathe spindle parts have high precision, strong rigidity, and requirements for thermal deformation. Because there is no need to manually adjust during the machining process, the accuracy and rigidity requirements are to avoid affecting the machining quality. There are three main turning cnc lathe spindles on the market. The two forms are belt spindle, direct-drive spindle, and electric spindle. The performance is briefly described below:

1. Belt type spindles are widely used, many turning cnc lathe spindles are. The belt-type spindle speed will not exceed 8000 rpm, the speed is large, and the noise is large, and the belt-type spindle is strong, suitable for heavy cutting.


2. The direct-coupled spindle usually rotates at 12,000 rpm, and the rotation speed is inversely proportional to the cutting force. The higher the speed, the smaller the cutting force. I want to compare the belt type spindle with more stability, and it has advantages in processing some workpieces that require high surface finish. Machining centers using direct-drive spindles basically focus on processing small parts and do not do heavy cutting.

3. Compared with the above two kinds of spindles, the electric spindle is a new type of spindle. This kind of spindle has a high speed, up to 50000 revolutions. The higher the above speed, the smaller the cutting force. This kind of electric spindle speed is indeed fast, but cutting The force is very small and can almost only be used for milling.


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