Tunnel Car Washing Machine

The advantages of contactless full-automatic car washing machine: it is contactless, scrubbing free and does not damage the car paint. In the traditional car washing process, substances such as brush strips, sponges and brushes need to contact the car body for brushing and cleaning. However, when cleaning the dirty car body, it is easy to be mixed with sand particles, mud particles and other logistics to rub in the car paint. At this time, the sand particles and mud particles act as sand particles in the grinding sand sheet, and there will be brush flowers and dust in the cleaning process Brush the car paint and cause the damage of the car paint. In order to avoid this problem, a new 360 contactless car washing machine was launched.

Tunnel computer car washing machine is mainly used for spraying, washing, brushing, air drying and other cleaning operations on the surface of various small cars, commercial vehicles and so on. The equipment is mainly configured with 7-14 washing brushes and 2-4 groups of air dryers (different configurations for various models). When the equipment is in the automatic cleaning state, after the vehicle enters the designated position of the conveyor, the vehicle surface is comprehensively cleaned and high-pressure air dried by spray washing and washing brush to make the vehicle surface as clean as new. The equipment adopts Taiwan PLC programmable control system, text display screen, fault self diagnosis system and full-automatic control, which can realize continuous and rapid car washing. The car washing process is fast and reliable, and the cleaning and air drying can be completed at one time.

Sichuan Chengde mechanical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Meishan Jinxiang Industrial Park, a beautiful land of abundance. After long-term development, in order to meet the needs of customers in the car washing and automobile service market and the needs of the intelligent era. Sichuan Chengde mechanical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established by introducing German technical talents, accumulating experience for five years and expanding production scale again. The company has high-end precision production equipment and high-tech R & D team. It has its own production plant, covering an area of more than 15000 square meters, and provides customers with one-stop service for the needs of the automobile cleaning industry. The full-automatic unattended car washing machine produced by Chengde mechanical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is not affected by the time and environment. It can wash the car 24 hours a day and 3 minutes a day. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and a variety of modes can be selected at will, so as to achieve a real fast and convenient car washing experience.


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