Lycium barbarum is of great significance to human health and can provide health care for the body. It is a favorite fruit of people. Among them, the quality of wolfberry in Ningxia is ahead of all parts of the country, and it has become the representative of wolfberry and is known as the hometown of wolfberry. The company's wolfberry is also from Ningxia. Suitable for everyone. It is more suitable for the overuse and the elderly. Lycium barbarum is relatively mild in nature, and it is not harmful to eat a little too much, but if there is no restraint, eating too much will make people angry

Lycium barbarum has a long history of medicinal and food homology. It is a well-known and precious Chinese medicinal material at home and abroad. It was listed as a top grade as early as "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", saying that it is "long-term and light-bodied, resistant to cold and heat"; it has anti-aging and anti-aging properties. The effect of the old, also known as "but Laozi". Lycium barbarum contains a variety of amino acids, and contains special nutrients such as betaine, zeaxanthin, and uranine, which make it nourish the liver and kidney, and improve eyesight. It can be used for consumptive exhaustion, sore waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, impotence and nocturnal emission, internal heat and thirst, blood deficiency and chlorosis, and blurred vision.

Sichuan Zhengte Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The company is located in Chengdu, China. It is mainly engaged in the sales of Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese herbal medicine pieces. It also provides qualified Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese medicine pieces for well-known pharmaceutical companies and public hospitals in China.
Sichuan Zhengte Chinese Medicinal Materials Co., Ltd. has always implemented the quality policy of ''standardized management, quality first'' to provide our customers with high-quality and good-quality products. Among them, our company has 8 technical professionals and 4 licensed pharmacists. And the company has a quality management department, which consists of quality control staff, acceptance staff, custodians, and a comprehensive quality management system. The company has passed the GSP quality certification, and has formulated a quality management system and quality management work procedures that meet the requirements of GSP; the company operates in strict accordance with the requirements of GSP from purchase, inspection and receipt, maintenance in the warehouse and review of delivery from the warehouse, which can fully guarantee the supply. quality of medicines.
Since its establishment, Sichuan Zhengte Chinese Medicinal Materials Co., Ltd. has been strictly controlling the quality and emphasizing its service awareness, which has won unanimous praise from major customers.

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