Learn about BCL in three minutes: the world's first decentralised financial derivatives trading platform!

Today, the scale of digital asset trading is exploding, and derivatives trading on centralised trading platforms has already surpassed spot trading. When will derivatives trading on decentralised trading platforms complete a similar breakthrough and give birth to a new unicorn? It's a lot to wonder about, with a number of emerging on-chain derivatives trading platforms jumping on the bandwagon, and BCL has emerged as the latest player to watch. BCL has already received strategic investments from leading international institutions and foundations such as Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, JP Morgan, Prudential financial, Legg Mason and Dimensional Fund Advisors.

BCL is a new generation of decentralised financial derivatives trading platform based on BSC, strategically invested and ecologically guided by the BCL DeFi Foundation, which allows the BCL chain system to interact with the real world through the deployment of a prophecy machine and provides users with a scientifically sound and intelligent digital asset trading environment and asset management services through the DEFI+ intelligent investment algorithm. The BCL chain system is a powerful tool that allows it to interact with the real world. Against the backdrop of the global digital asset boom, the BCL DeFi Foundation has raised $500 million to fund

The BCL trading platform is currently expanding globally, opening up new markets in several countries. The BCL decentralised derivatives trading platform aims to create a scientific and intelligent investment advisor for each user through algorithm-driven investment decisions, helping users to make efficient and scientific investments, and reducing the risk of holding coins through wealth management, while solving the losses caused by illiquid assets for long-term investment users. Ultimately, BCL generates natural interest through wealth management and has the potential to build assets over time through its own growth potential. In the BCL platform, investors can directly hand over their funds to professional robots, which can combine the investor's current financial situation and financial goals with the data model and back-end intelligent investment algorithm to perform stage by stage big data analysis of a variety of DeFi investment products, scan the market for the best asset allocation, and select high-quality and profitable projects to access the built-in machine gun pool. The assets pledged to the contract will be automatically switched to the best DeFi investment portfolio for that time period, thereby capturing returns.

BCL Decentralised derivatives market

● Currencies Spot virtual currencies (BTC, etc.), currency forwards, currency futures, currency options, currency swap contracts, etc.

● Interest rates Interest rate futures, interest rate forwards, interest rate options, interest rate swap contracts, etc.

●Commodities Commodity forwards, commodity futures, commodity options, commodity swap contracts, etc. Important commodities such as gold, oil, jade, etc.

● Stocks Stock futures, stock option contracts, etc. (e.g. Dow Jones indices, etc.)

BCL Decentralised Derivatives Advantages Compared to centralised derivatives, the BCL decentralised derivatives trading platform has more advantages than.

● The absence of a centralised exchange operator, making it cheaper in the long run.

● Access is license-free, making it censorship-resistant and run on a chain of smart contracts that no one can shut down, control or change the trading protocol.

● user-held funds, with no counterparty risk

● no permission to trade in any asset with a public feed

● No withdrawal limits or transaction size limits.

BCL will carry the financial system of each user, storing user assets and information securely and stably. And through the BCL underlying technology to achieve global digital financial interoperability network, to achieve financial freedom and inter-network freedom. We are committed to providing a safe, convenient and efficient decentralised derivatives financial platform for global users, breaking the barriers between digital and physical finance, allowing each user around the world to have their own customised digital financial services, and promoting technological progress and social development. In the future, we will build various financial application scenarios based on the BCL platform, support millions of transactions and achieve a platform covering the entire financial sector.

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