Focus on high-quality, Nongfu Spring Advance With Product Strength

In recent years, affected by the global consumption trend of green, health and environmental protection, the domestic market is changing. On the one hand, in the trend of returning to the original, tasteless and colorless bottled water has returned to the mainstream. On the other hand, based on the three demands of consumption upgrading composed of weight management, appearance management and heal

Tea π Fruity Tea Drinking——Nongfu Spring leads a new taste attitude

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to youthful. The research on the health care function of tea will play a greater role in opening China's tea market and meeting people's health needs. Subsequently, under the cooperation strategy——“the Belt and Road Initiatives” ,China as a tea producing country with rich tea culture and long history, it began to excavate tea cult

IC-1101,Super private cloud intelligent ecosystem decentralized trading platform

In recent years, the development of block chain technology is in full swing. Blockchain has been widely used since its birth. It has to be said that it is another milestone in the history of human development. He interprets the new ways in which human relations develop from another perspective. We all know that "trust" between people is the most troublesome problem in cooperation and business oper

DiDi Builds a Ecosystem of “Digital Economic Life” !

Digital economy has long penetrated into every corner of the modern society, not only changing the lives of each of us, but more importantly, changing the way the entire society operates! The latest report shows that global digital economy has contributed more than 40% of GDP, and this data will continue to rise in the future! And China has long become the leader of the digital economy: the total

2020 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award Unveils Winners

IDG Asia

The IFA-PTIA selection is jointly organized by International Data Group and AHK. According to the organizers, the 2020 IFA-PTIA had "Innovating the Technology, Inspiring the Life" as its theme and covered a full range of products representing new breakthroughs in intelligent and innovative technologies in the global consumer electronics industry, including smart home appliances, intelligent device

The Exclusive Bid! UNISOC Won the Tender for 5 Million Sets of Cat.1 Chips from China Unicom

UNISOC Technologies Co.,Ltd

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2020 / Recently, China Unicom Cat.1 chip centralized purchase project results have been released,UNISOC successful bid. According to the bidding information released, the purchase of 5 million sets is one of the largest projects in the bidding for Cat.1 chips by the operator so far. This large-scale procurement of China Unicom Cat.1 chip centralized purc

XINWENLIANBO Exclusive Interview with Wang Qingxian: Serving the Dual Circulation Strategy through High-level Opening-up


On September 3, 2020, XINWENLIANBO of CCTV broadcasted an exclusive interview with Wang Qingxian, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee. The interview themed on “Seizing opportunities and forging ahead: serving the dual circulation strategy through high-level opening-up”.

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